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The Corporate University
E-learning System of RUSAL

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С 27 по 29 апреля 2005 г. в г. Красноярске прошло совещание организаторов СДО. В ходе совещания был обобщен опыт дистанционного обучения на предприятиях Компании, намечены пути совершенствования системы, повышения ее доступности и эффективности. Участники совещания познакомились с новым информационным центром Красноярского алюминиевого завода, одной из задач которого является обеспечение дистанционного обучения сотрудников завода.

"Знание - столь драгоценная вещь, что его не зазорно добывать из любого источника...".
                                                 Фома Аквинский

  You are in E-learning System of RUSAL company.
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E-learninng – is one of the effective forms of training and improvement of professional skills of the employees of our Company. The main advantage of this form is the opportunity of training directly at the workplace under the schedule convenient for you. Each month more than thousand employees of 16 RUSAL enterprises are trained in E-learning.

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Access to the system is provided from any computer in the corporate network. If you haven’t a computer on your workplace you have to use one of 8 computer classes located at the premises of the Company.

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There are catalogues, articles, links to educational information resources and other helpful information in the library section. The Catalogue of Corporate Programs is also placed there. Access to information is open and does not demand additional registration.

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At the moment E-learning System offer to you more than 150 e- courses covering all kinds of employee trainings. These courses are dealing with soft skills, technological processes, corporate culture and self-improvement. Here you can see the full list of courses including a demo that will allow you to familiarize yourself with the contents of each course.

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If you need a special course you can place an order for a course preparation. The department of development of the personnel of the Company will try to satisfy it.

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All courses are interactive; they include conducting active and interactive educational dialogue with consultants, wrating of current and final control tests. Animation, sound and video are widely used in courses.

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For enrollment it is necessary for you to fill up the order and to be registered. The instruction on the order of registration is here. If you haven’t a computer at your workplace pleas consult to the Department of development of the personnel of the enterprise (phone and the contact person) for the coordination of a E-learning process in a computer class.

E-learning System goals:

маркированный список Maintenance of conformity of competence level of employees to requirements of technologies of job by use of electronic training;
маркированный список Support of introducing best management practices in the Company with the help e- training;
маркированный список Creation of conditions for professional and career growth of employees of the Company with the help of easy access to electronic educational information resources.